Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Could One Be So INHUMAN .... ?

- Alright !! i know i promised not to post anything in my Blog until my exams is over, but i cannot help myself but write something that is constantly playing on my mind. This time i really wanna write and express my feeling on the pathetic, inhuman people who killed a stray dog.
Note : Before i start writing this, I wanna address to the people who feels that stray dogs are not important and worthless to talk about. Probably its the Symptoms of Superiority Complex { I don't wanna waste my time commenting on these loose rs } ..
Where is the love !!! that's what i wanna scream right now .. I'm feeling completely restless and numb after what i saw. People have become so inhuman, so blatant, so cruel that they have lost all their feelings and i really felt it when i saw the incident that took place few days ago....
I was at lokhandwala in my Car, and i saw this Stray dog who had a funny lil tail. I pointed at the stray dog to tell my Friend about the dog's tail and also wanted to tell them about the way it was crossing the road, But all of a sudden; in a blink of an eye, I happened to see something that i wish i would have never seen. I saw a car who knocked the dog so badly that the dog flew in the air and fell on the ground some miles away ... { even when i talk i get goosebumps }. The Looser { driver of the car } Just zoomed in fear n didn't even have the courtesy to stop and help the bleeding dog who was wagging his tail even when he was on his death bed ... I'm seriously concerned on how a person could be so Inhuman . Have they forgotten that even animals breathe, eat and are a living organism .. Unfortunately animals cannot express their pain and fear to anyone like we do. But this incident can show us the loose rs Future; His Tomorrow 'coz god alone knows if it wasn't the animal it could be some human being crushed. The Dog incident have really shocked me and i feel completely exasperated even when i think about it ....
i cant even imagine the pain the poor dog must have gone through. Helplessly me n my friend tried calling the near-by veterinarian and tried seeking help as much as we could by calling the pet ambulance etc by the help of Just Dial ..... Eventually there were alot of people who gathered around the poor dog an there was a vet who came and examined the dog as well, but I don't think the poor dog survived after the Serious Accident. R.I.P Dog.
I wonder how that looser got a license to drive and my big question is : how could someone be so Inhuman ?
For the people who ever face this kinda incident please don't feel helpless and scared, quickly
save this numbers as they give free services to help Our Stray Animals. {Not only Dog}

"Animal Welfare Organisations in Lokhandwala." Karuna For Animals In Distress Click for More Details (Contact Person: Mr Arvind Shah) Building : Geeta Building Location : Opp Bombay Bazaar Street : J P Road Area : Andheri West Pin : 400058 Tel. : 65141313, 65151313 Mobile : 9819100100 Email :,, Website : Save Our Strays Click for More Details (Contact Person: Ms Maria / Ms Shirley Menon) Building : 503/B Kohinoor 1 Location : Off Oshiwara Link Rd Street : Indradarshan Cross Rd Area : Oshiwara Pin : 400102 Mobile : 9833684434, 9820141310 Email : Website : Association For Service & Healing Of Animals Click for More Details Building : 903/3 B, Green Acres Building Location : Lokhandwala Complex Area : Andheri West Pin : 400053 Mobile : 9820127085 Email : In Defence Of Animals Click for More Details (Contact Person: Ms Patkar) Building : 7Th Shanti Kunj, 124 Hindu Colony Street : 5Th Lane Area : Dadar East Pin : 400014 Tel. : 32681417, 24142195, 24143412, 32681418 Mobile : 9320056581 Email : Website : Manvadhikar Evam Kalyan Association Click for More Details (Contact Person: Mr Tushar N Kathrecha) Building : 144 Ashok Mill Compound Street : Sion Bandra Link Road Area : Dharavi Pin : 400017 Tel. : 24084535 In Defence Of Animals Click for More Details (Contact Person: Mr Fizzah Shah) Building : Baiganwadi,Deonar Colony Location : Near Cemetry Street : Off Mankhurd Lane Road Area : Deonar East Pin : 400088 Tel. : 65212681, 65268028, 24142195, 32681418 Mobile : 9821074659, 9820057576, 9320056587, 9320056588 Email : Website : Bombay Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (Bspca) Click for More Details Location : Behind Kem Hospital, Near Mg Hospital Street : Dr S S Rao Road Area : Parel Pin : 400012 Tel. : 24135285, 24135434, 24137518, 24133598 Fax : 24131007 Email :

for other cities call Just Dial at 02228888888

or visit the website :

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