Friday, May 14, 2010

A Day At Juhu Beach Mumbai

Alright Juhu beach maybe called as the most famous beach in Mumbai City, But if you honestly ask me this question, "Do You Like Juhu Beach ?" my Answer will be "NO" {with capital letter's}. I really don't like Juhu beach n i have a reason for it.
Why do we usually go to a beach.? Maybe coz we need some time for our self, feel the mother nature and find some peace of mind from the busy stressful City Life. But if your look at Juhu Beach you will not only get annoyed but also irritated. The crowd, Hawkers, Loud noise, Dirt, Garbage, Beggars, Pollution etc is a pain ....
Government has been taking special attention and care to conserve this Tourist Attraction by spending Millions; Which i think is fair enough coz now the beach looks million times better than what it was previously; But its still not a Stereo-Typical Beach, the beach we all dream of, the beach where people would love to visit. Helplessly We Mumbaikar's end up going to Juhu Beach. I cant understand one thing, how can government clean the dirty water by spending millions. I don't think that's ever possible.
Something good about the beach is the noticeable Chaat stalls ... they are amazing. Try It !!

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