Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everyday Changes in the CityLife

Pages From My Diary !!
- Last Night i was driving around my home town Mumbai n I was looking outside the car window, After i passed the beautiful and scenic Aarey Milk Colony I could only see the huge monstrous buildings and the huge flyovers ....... but when i looked at everything around me, it just made me think about how far have we come. It made me think about how it was then and how it is now .... I was heading on my way back home n Honestly for a minute i couldn't recognise where Ive reached. I thought i lost my way and Ive reached a unknown paradise. It made me think about how We Mumbaikars see the changes happening everyday. Its like a daily puzzle to solve ...
I'm not exaggerating here but honestly I don't even recognize my place anymore, I often get lost. If you look at the place its not like what it was before. The metro construction, Huge Hotels, Buildings, Malls etc It makes me feel so suffocated. The upgrades and development also changes our way of living, our lifestyle and our Thoughts, which is Dangerous n We are compelled to live the changed life as most of us don't wanna be the odd man out.
We're forced to think that we live in the concrete jungle ...
Every place that i look at had some or the other memories .... Good, Bad & Ugly ... But i think those places will just be a memory 'coz someone said it right
Darn!! We Mumbaikars have so much to think about. God Bless Us.
--------- Karan Upadhya

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