Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prediction and Advise on Jennifer Lopez's upcoming Album Love?

- I don't think i have to introduce this triple threat mega star called ' Jennifer Lopez '. Her name says it all.... She's a Icon a True Star who can never Fade.. Lately JLo is busy promoting her new Movie ' The Back-Up Plan ' which has got really good reviews by the viewers and critics. The movie looks really funny...
In this post I'm not gonna talk about JLo Movies or her never ending Fat resume .... I'm simply gonna predict and advise JLo on her new upcoming album Love? as im a JLo fan.
Everyone knows that JLo has parted from Sony BMG and she is now working with Def Jam .... Jennifer had a big break in her career when she was pregnant. While she was busy enjoying the best part of her life her work life was getting hampered really hard 'coz her movies and her music didn't work all that good eg her flop album Brave. Even her fashion label sweet face faced some crises.
Sony Bmg never promoted songs which would boost JLo's career, coz they released the most weirdest songs which shouldn't be promoted. Songs like Could This Be Love, Again, This Is me (Cant Believe), Brave, This Boy's Fire feat. Carlos Santana and many other songs were simply overshadowed. These songs if released could have definitely boosted JLo's music Career.
Jennifer's new album Love? is truly a treat to all her fans 'coz as far as what Ive heard all the songs in this album is superb!! She almost sounds like the Old JLO that everyone were looking forward too. Jennifer's album Love? is one of the most anticipated hot listed music albums. Unlike other celebrities everyone knows that Jlo has a huge fan base but I'm really sad to know that her songs are getting pirated and leaked in the Internet every week.... It started with Hooked On You, and then the list went on and on with What is Love?, One Love, and many more.. Now almost all the songs have been leaked in the Internet ..
her songs so far leaked are :
Stronger :- This is an Awesome track, the beats are simply crazy, Lyrics is good and worth the Music Video Types as well.
Villain :- Good track, Beats are good but not worth the Music Video types.
On The Radio Feat. David Guetta :- Now this is what i call the Old JLo style. I simply Love David Guetta. The beats of this song is simply crazy and the electronic touch simply makes this song in the top list of must have in your ipod. This song is worth the Music Video types, It should be in the Top 5 Must Make Music Video. Love this song. Double Thumbs Up.
Faint :- This is a good song. Beats are good. The song is worth listening too but the song sounds a Lil dragged.
Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pitbull :- One of the most ridiculous track from the whole album. I cannot believe that JLo sang a song like Fresh Out The Oven 'coz its like the Stale bread from the Oven. The beats of the song is good but the overall song is just ear bleeding. One can listen to this song to have a hearty laugh coz the lyrics of the song is like Lookie Lookie and No Touchy Touchy ... and some Cookie crap. Not even worth the Music Video Types but i expected Sony BMG to promote this crap song. The Music Video again was a disaster. It topped the Billboard chart at the No 1 spot coz of the brand name JLo.
What Is Love? :- This song is originally written by Wynter Gordon. Love this track. This song has Good Beats, But not the Music Video Types. This song is better left as The Back-Up Plan Soundtrack .... This song is Worth Listening!!
Starting Over :- JLo sang this song live at SNL. This song has a lil touch of the Country Genre. This song has good Lyrics. Worth listening. Beats are good, But again not the Music Video Types. This song is better as a soundtrack for some chick flick.
One Love - This is one of my Favourite Tracks from her upcoming album Love?. JLo really sounds different in this track. This song has superb Beats. I would say that this song is better as a soundtrack. The lyrics of this song is superb !! ... This song should be kept as the Back-Up Music Video if in case the other Music Video's fail to top the chart.
Louboutins :- Do i have to say anything about this song .... This song is a total Hit. The beats are superb !!. This should be in the priority list of top 5 Must make Music Videos for JLo... JLo will definitely make a Music Video for this song but i hope the Music Video has a lot of dance in it. This song topped the Billboard chart in NO1 spot.
Hooked On You :- I have no idea if this song will make it in the album Love? coz it might be in her Greatest Hits .. but this song is good. Superb Beats. The lyrics is good and worth the Music Video Types. The Music Video should have dance and some stunts.
Greatest Part Of Me :- Good song, worth listening, good lyrics, Good beats .... not the Music Video Types.
Everybody's Girl - This song is good, Good Lyrics, Good Beats and yes this song is definitely the Music Video Types as it talks about her fame and paparazzi stuff. After all Blings and Fame is the signature style of JLo ..... This song should be in the Top 5 List of make the Music Video.
Story Of my Life - Excellent song, worth listening. Must have in your Ipod. Lyrics are good, Good beats but not the Music Video types as this song should be sung in Live concerts ..... Good Song.
Until the beat goes on - Pieces is the wrong name for this song. Jlo sang this song live at SNL. Awesome trackkkkk.. this is the best song in Jlo's album Love? the lyric is superb ... song has good beats and the song is really powerful ... This song can be in the Top 5 list of Make the Music Video coz of the beautiful lyrics and the voice.
Countdown :- This song is a Lil Boring, not all that worth listening too... n definitely in the list of must make Music Video. I personally don't like this song all that much.
Whippin My Hair :- Alright this song is originally from Rihanna. If I'm not mistaken i can hear Rihanna in the background. I hope this song is feat. Rihanna. This song has some really hardcore Beats. Love this song coz it belongs to the punk-rock style. This song is in the top 5 list of must make Music Video.
There are few more songs which Will be included in this album like Beautiful, , One step at a time, This cannot be love, What is Love part 2, I hope those songs don't get leaked unlike others... I hope Jennifer lopez doesn't experiment with her looks or the album might turn up to become like Fresh out the oven music video. Overall I think this album most probably be a hit but after all these leaking song business i think the album will be average ... But definitely not a Flop. Jennifer Lopez should also promote the remix CD for all of her singles. Like the one she had J TO THA LO ... and she was in the Guinness book of world record.

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