Friday, May 28, 2010

Ray-Ban Geeky and Edgy Sunglasses : The new Fashion Trend

- Its been ages that i haven't written anything about Fashion ... but there wasn't anything interesting to write about it as well.
- Fashion keeps fluctuating n its not about who to follow or who is following what? .. I feel fashion is something which you should feel comfortable in... Fashion can be anything which you like, we don't have to follow any specific genre .. Some like it to be Edgy whereas some like to follow the Retro or Futuristic genres.
In fashion something that i really go Gaga over is Sunglasses and Jackets n i think my Tweets says it all ... Ray-Ban has come up with some really awesome collection n Lately not only Celebrities but even Politicians have been sporting these two Sunglasses that is 3016 Club master and Wayfarer RB 2140. Fashion is therefore proved to be followed by everyone. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Rob Pattinson, Kate Moss, Kristen Stewart .. etc and Politicians like George Bush and Obama have also seen sporting these sunglasses. The Best part about these sunglasses is that its Unisex. hahaha
Ray-Ban 3016 Club master - is a tough choice, 'coz it will only suit people who have an egg shaped or rather oval shaped face and the most important thing is that the person needs to have the attitude to carry it off. Ray-Ban 3016 Club master wont really suit everyone, so try and cross check it if you wanna buy this .. but for me this sunglasses is definitely a must buy coz its a triple threat : Geeky, Retro and Edgy ...
Ray-Ban RB Wayfarer 2140 - Its Classy, Sophisticated, Geeky and Edgy. Its not only Celebrity Favourite its even loved by Politicians. I don't have to say anything about this sunglasses 'coz it will suit everyone ... Its a beautiful piece of Art by Ray-Ban and if compared to 3016 Club master .. I will blindly choose Wayfarer 2140
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