Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Birthday 2010 : Pages From My Diary

Pages From My Diary : The Birthday 2010
- Birthdays are the most anticipated day in the whole year. People usually wait in anxiety, hopes and Plans..... But for me Birthdays are usually filled with curiosity and nervousness .... Curious coz i wanna know what lies in the future n nervous coz the time n years are simply flying away ... For me Birth day is like a flashback, It reminds me of all the Memories from the Vault : Every birthdays i celebrated, People i missed, The things i did, The things i couldn't do, How far have i come, The fun i had etc etc ... Its a roller coaster ride.
This year i had an Ideal birthday. The birthday that i always wanted. Its a rarity that I'm there with my family during my Birthdays, but this year i made it possible. I wanted it to be different, A year where i could control my every move and every action. I was with my Granny, Mother, Sisters, Myles, Baby Love, Cousins, Aunties etc etc. Its the best start i could ever have for the year 2010. Something that i always noticed on my Birthday is that, it always Rains now isnt that amazing !!....
This year My Birthday was all about The Drive, Meeting the people i love, Getting wet in the rain, Eating Pav Bhaji, Cutting my birthday cake and many others things which i shouldnt disclose. Meeting the elders and The Blessings from them is million times better than our usual birthday treats and Parties. I had one of the most amazing birthday this year. I feel strong, and completely revived.
My birthday wishes usually begins from the month of April ... 'coz people aren't sure about the date !!... But i love it .. coz i feel that there are few people who atleast think about me ones and take the effort to text me or send me a birthday wishes. Thanks to all of them. I Also wanna Thank everyone who wished me on my online a.c's : Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, Orkut, Blogger, Sms etc etc these wishes really means alot to me, n thanks for the time.... I will definitely reply everyone personally.
This birthday i said NO to the CLICK CLICK business... we've hardly clicked any pics. At the end i wanna thank everyone GOD, Family, Relatives, Friends and the people who i haven't mentioned here and made my birthday so Special !! You all made me smile ...... :)
.......... More to come !!

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