Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Experience/My Gyan By Meghna Doshi

My Experience/My Gyan ~ Fuck the idea, when some one says.......
" I wanna be with you, walk with you "..
Walk alone and see how many wonders you create for yourself and people around you ...
Nothing in life means any good, other than keep walking.!YOURSELF...!!.
If You have a goal.. You need no friend. You need no messenger!
Life and you together shall lead you there...
Just Patience, Believe & Perseverance is what you need!
Don't give up on yourself, let anyone give up on you!
Believe in this ... Everyone outside is fake, Your Pure Soul is the only thing that walks with you ..
Even with the Sting in heart, it will never give up on you. ..!! Cheer's!!
:o) -Miss Tasveer
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