Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is Osama's Death really a victory ?

I know this is a very strong posts and i will have many haters for this one, but as i always say"i always like to speak my mind". This post was stored in my drafts and was waiting to go live for long now and finally the day has arrived where i set this post free .....
I wrote this post just a day after the worlds biggest terrorist "osama bin laden" died. I remember the day very well, where everyone and everywhere in this world, including me cheered, rejoiced and forwarded a victory, peace message to each other. I was even aware about the consequences of this victorious event. I knew about the revenge factor rising between the terrorist groups, i mean it was inevitable, but i never in my wildest dream would have thought. that a whole country like Pakistan would have to pay the brunt of osama's death.
Recently i saw the news channels and the news papers, boldly screaming that Pakistan is the Country of Terrorists and the birth place of Terrorism, I was like WTF!! 'coz Its like a slap on every Pakistanis face. Its an indirect way of saying that every Pakistani is a terrorist. I mean those millions of people didn't even know what was happening around them and whats gonna come through this event. I'm sure even they must have been very happy after Osama's death as they must have felt relieved from the constant torture, abductions and massive terrorist attacks. It was their governments duty to take control of the situation and should have ended the osama drama long ago. If they would have controlled the situation i don't think this situation would have gone so far, where American soldiers and special forces had to invade their motherland. Now because of the governments stupidity n laziness, all the Pakistanis have to face the insult of osamas death as they tagged Pakistan as the 'Land of Terrorists'. I'm sure the innocent citizens of Pakistan were too busy protecting their family and their future from the beast like osama and other terrorist groups who dwell in their country. I do support President Barrack Obama and the American government by calling Osama bin ladens death as a day of victory, but at the same time i completely disagree with the fact that they declared Pakistan as a land of terrorists. I'm sure that after this declaration Pakistanis all around the world will have to face alot of problems. Even though Pakistan being our rival country I still hold no grudges against the people/citizens there 'coz its not their fault for having a terrorist like Osama in their country nor would i blame them for having a Stupid, Fragile Government... However I think the Government or the Military rule whatever that they have should collapse and they should have a fresh new beginning with a new independence day ..
lets have peace....

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