Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Facebook status for Mr.Anna Hazare.

My Facebook status for Mr.Anna Hazare.

Got out of the car and was on da street for a lil while today. Got wet in the rain but the Power n the Passion for @AnnaHazare 's rally kept me going ... It's such a beautiful feeling within ..... Go out n try it urself. Atleast for a lil while. Coz its a moment for lifetime .. It's a history in making. I can already hear Everyone scream India to be corruption free. :)

My lil brother Myles is looking at me curiously, not knowing what is the chaos all about ... I looked into his eyes and said "They are trying to make ur pedigree a lil cheaper" ... He is all smiles now Hahaha LOVE @AnnaHazare ...., I want India to be corruption free.

Mr. Crabby

An HD pic of Mr.Crabby you like it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Indian Flavour of the Month is Mr.Anna Hazare

" The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realised without self-reliant, self-sufficient villages, this can be achieved only through social commitment & involvement of the common man."
- Says the Indian Super Hero Mr. Anna Hazare. He is like the every Indian's Flavour of the month. I completely adore and respect his level of courage 'coz its not easy to stand against corruption in this so called democratic country (thats what i knew till we all raised our voices and realized the consequences). We all knew that our politicians and leaders were corrupts, but most of us never took the initiative to raise our voice against it. The ones who did were often in small groups. These groups were eventually buried by the power pressured from the Politicians & leaders. Our Indian law is so Rusted that it needs a major face lift, n im happy that 'not a politician, not a leader, not an industrialist or a celebrity' but a common man like Mr. Anna Hazare took the first step to make a difference. Who cares about our country turning into shanghai or the launch of a new super technology; I can now proudly say that we all have a ray of hope to see our country develop to something which we always dreamt of. I'm so proud that not only me but most of us support Mr. Anna Hazare and  his Cause. God bless him for making a difference. Jai Hind !!

Raksha Bandhan

So my brother Myles has his first Raksha Bandhan .... look at him he looks so proud and happy hahaha

India through my camera lens

Pages from my diary

Post from my diary:

Nothing can compare the feeling like working real hard. Leaving the office real late. Getting wet in d stormy rain. Driving back home. Listening to loud music while I drive. Feel d raindrops as I hit d highway. Eat the Yummy feasty dinner n then sit n think, Crap I'm working this Sunday too ... Aaahh time to say Gn to my boo n hit the sac like d sober working gentleman. :) Au revouir

untagged and untitled feeling

                     You make me feel like I've touched the stars and the moon ... Not many people reach this far ... The Feelings so strong, so pure and feelings that I've never felt ever. Thank-you

Friday, August 5, 2011

The best thing to buy this Monsoon

The best thing to buy this monsoon are these funky sober croc cloned shoes from Alcott.
They are amazingly comfortable and looks stylish.

Beautiful picture Inner Peace

Just love this pic ... INNER PEACE

Monday, August 1, 2011

What Love is?

Pages from my diary:

I guess that Cupid was in disguise coz as this life gets colder and the devil inside tells you to give up is The day you walked in and changed my life. I think its amazing, the way that love can set you free. Were like the victims of the same disease. Love you.

Press Rewind (Stanley ka dabba)

Pages from my Diary:

                               Wow just saw Stanley Ka Dabba and was surprised to see my school in it... It took me back to those days where i spent my years sitting in those classrooms with my friends. We studied, Laughed and Had so much fun.
                                After such a long time i remembered my school days and i just realized how much i miss it. I miss the smell of the wet ground, the ambience of my school, the teachers, the classrooms and my friends. This movie has taken me on such an emotional ride coz ive no clue after how many year later ive seen my school.
                             I love the story of the movie Stanley ka Dabba and especially the abrupt raw ending coz thats what life is .... some people dont really get the happy ever after....
                             Thank You Amol Gupte and Vishal Bhardwaj for pressing the rewind Button of my life and to make me realize my roots.
                              Love you HOLY FAMILY HIGH SCHOOL will always and forever miss you.