Monday, August 1, 2011

Press Rewind (Stanley ka dabba)

Pages from my Diary:

                               Wow just saw Stanley Ka Dabba and was surprised to see my school in it... It took me back to those days where i spent my years sitting in those classrooms with my friends. We studied, Laughed and Had so much fun.
                                After such a long time i remembered my school days and i just realized how much i miss it. I miss the smell of the wet ground, the ambience of my school, the teachers, the classrooms and my friends. This movie has taken me on such an emotional ride coz ive no clue after how many year later ive seen my school.
                             I love the story of the movie Stanley ka Dabba and especially the abrupt raw ending coz thats what life is .... some people dont really get the happy ever after....
                             Thank You Amol Gupte and Vishal Bhardwaj for pressing the rewind Button of my life and to make me realize my roots.
                              Love you HOLY FAMILY HIGH SCHOOL will always and forever miss you.

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