Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Yummiest Cupcakes ever

The yummiest cup cakes ever, just like my dream come true .. thanks Nutsy ;)

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote of the day,
                          Everything around me *Sparkles* but everything that *sparkles* isn't always Real.
                                                            --------------- Karan Upadhya

Meticulous Joke

Meticulous Joke.
Bombay to Mumbai - Sahar airport to Chattrapati terminus - V.T to Chattrapati bla bla - and now its LA - Aye Leh .... Rules mumbai ka superhit formula :/

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote of the day,

Buying your holiday Tickets results to Bills; Just like eating your favourite dish results to Shit !! It's like a cycle :/

Funny Hoarding

This is so Funny but Why GUJU hahaha

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Album to buy : Talk that talk by Rihanna

Rihanna is back with a real bang.. Her upcoming album TALK THAT TALK is simply amazing. The beats are HARD and she sounds better than before. I've started liking her allot. I personally don't write much about Music albums on my blog, but i was compelled to write about Rihanna 's newest album. You wouldn't be disappointed with this one. And what could be better than ending the year with a bang. RIRI Rocks !! I've got the whole album on my laptop yahoooo.


   1. Rihanna - You Da One                                    [03:17]
   2. Rihanna - Where Have You Been                           [03:59]
   3. Rihanna - We Found Love (Feat. Calvin Harris)           [03:32]
   4. Rihanna - Talk That Talk (Feat. Jay-Z)                  [03:26]
   5. Rihanna - Cockiness (Love It)                           [02:55]
   6. Rihanna - Birthday Cake                                 [01:15]
   7. Rihanna - We All Want Love                              [03:54]
   8. Rihanna - Drunk On Love                                 [03:29]
   9. Rihanna - Roc Me Out                                    [03:26]
  10. Rihanna - Watch N' Learn                                [03:28]
  11. Rihanna - Farewell                                      [04:13]
  12. Rihanna - Red Lipstick                                  [03:34]
  13. Rihanna - Do Ya Thang                                   [03:40]
  14. Rihanna - Fool In Love                                  [04:13]

Playing Time.........: 48:25
Total Size...........: 114.03 MB

and finally download the whole talk that talk album on PIRATEBAY click here and download it via BIT-TORRENTS:
enjoy ...............

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Fun with friends at Renaissance Hotel.

Weekend Fun with Friends at Renaissance Hotel.

Is JLo really visiting India ?

Yet another paper cut outs, talking about Jennifer Lopez visiting India. I still have a question in my mind. Is JLo really coming to India, or is it a rumor ?. 
Today i surfed few websites which stated that Enrique Iglasias who apparently was rumored to accompany with fellow rapper Pitbull and the most beautiful Jennifer Lopez is not joining them for the India Tour. Few websites even stated that Enrique and JLo will be shooting their newest single Mouth 2 Mouth in Rajasthan, India. Few other websites and News paper says that Famous Actor Tom cruise and his family will be coming along with JLo to promote his upcoming movie Mission Impossible and to watch their best friend Jen perform. It is also said that Hip Hop biggie Snoop Dogg will be in India the same day along with JLo and Pitbull. All this hype about JLo 's visit is really confusing me. I have no clue to whats Real and Whats fake, but i was wondering that why would the biggest Indian Newspaper group, fake such a News. I remember last time she cancelled the India Tour due to her pregancy but anyway i personally feel that Jennifer will surely visit india coz India is considered as one of the Biggest Asian Countries. I will also try and convince JLo via Twitter with #JLoVisitsIndia tag :p . HAHAHA .Crossing my fingers with Love? :X

Special thanks to The Beyond Beautiful Team for adding my previous post on your Forum ..You Guys Rock. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Temperatures will rise as the megastar 'JLo' visits India.

My Facebook Status says : Weather reports for December 2,3 & 4 ...Coz of Shinning Superstars, India will be HOT as FIRE ..... I dont care if your timeline is jammed with my Tweets, talking about #JLovisitsIndia ... Woohoo Yes its official. The megastar and an International Icon Jenny From the block is finally coming to India along with Pitbull and rumored Enrique Iglasius. Ive clicked few paper cut outs where they have mentioned about JLos visit to india. She is on all the possible newsapers, and news channels .. its more hyped than  any international stars who has visited india ever after metallica. To name few celebs who has visited india are, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Hilary Clinton, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Shakira, Enrique, Paris Hilton, John Cena, and LadyGaga etc But India just cant stop talking about JLo. Everyone is curious to know what will she wear (which i think is FALGUNI AND SHANE as she chose them for her iheartradio performance), her diva demands, her tour, what she would eat, places she would visit and the cause she will help along with Pitbull (who supports the NGO Suryoday Aids Foundation). Yup thats right she will also help a cause here in India. She would perform along with Pitbull as a special guest along with Enrique. Pitbull will also have a Indian version of the well known Pitbull Live in concert. JLo will also shoot for her upcoming music video (either UNTIL IT BEATS NO MORE OR STARTING OVER) in Rajasthan, India. She will be performing in the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore on 2-3-4th of December. In Mumbai Jen and pitbull will perform at Hyatt. It was rumored that due to the heavy entertainment taxes in Mumbai jen n pitbull were suppose to cancel their performance, just like how Lady Gaga did, (probably GAGA couldnt afford it hahaha) kidding. Hope i get a chance to click a pic with Jen and also a autograph on my LOVE? cd !! it would be like my dream come true moment and cant wait to see my pics posted on the BBJLovers and LovelyLopez websites, afterall they are one of my favourite websites (bookmarked on my office and personal laptops). It would be such an honor to be a part of their Group. So Mission #JLovisitsIndia is O.N. and my Best Friend is supporting me too .. DM me on my Twitter or Facebook accounts if you are a true JLo fan from india. coz we might need someone to update us about the other cities in India.

Few awesome tweets :)
Bella JLO ❤ J.LO Fan

;o) don't let me down now!
Karan Upadhya

Woohoo SCREAMING RT totally Winter! :/ yes Dec 2, 3, 4 ;) here she comes! <3?! u get honorary reporting dutY

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The quote of the day

The Quote Of The Day
~ I dont wanna think ALOT, coz i just wanna enjoy everything that Life surprises me with .....!!
                                                   ------------- Karan Upadhya

The Butterfly Effects

Pages from my diary.

The Butterfly Effect.
- I'm writing after ages, its like starting all over again.
Last night i was busy exploring my new laptop n i will have to blame Skye for my insomniacity. I was hooked on to it. Today I woke up late n i was sleep walking towards my bathroom like a zombie. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I grabbed a granola bar and somehow managed to wear my T' and my denims. I wore my pitched dark wayfarers, which was really important to me coz i wanted to feel that the world is covered in darkness. I was feeling so lathargic to drive that I chose public transportation for a change. The feeling was weird, i felt like i had shots of tequilla and worked in a coal mine the whole night. I left for california (the place i work) n like always my mind cant stop thinking about the TO DO list... to be honest this was the first time that i couldn't recall my schedule n this was the first time i went beeezzzzzzz (just like the buzz sound while you tune your radio manually, before you get your favourite channel). I suddenly realized that i was caught in a bad traffic and my cellphone had no power, so i had no mode of time pass. The pollution and the noise was just an add on for my brain squash. All of a sudden from all that pollution and traffic jam i saw a beautiful lemon yellow colored butterfly. It simply came and sat on my lap. I was amazed to see a beautifully colored life sit on my lap. I suddenly hear someone clapping and going gaga over the simple yet beautiful butterfly. I turned my head towards the sound and i see a baby looking at me n smiling .. the smile and the beautiful butterfly was a moment to capture but unfortunately my phone ditched me ... maybe its a good thing that it did, 'coz at least i could keep this moment photographed in my head for the rest of my life. The smile of the baby and that butterfly were so real and honest, that it made me smile too. After sometime the butterfly flew away, i then remembered my teacher who told us that the butterfly lives just for a day or two n I was like wow !!. Wow, coz if i had my cellphone on or if i was busy fidgeting with my ipod i would have ignored the beautiful butterfly or maybe i would shoo it away. I then realized that Technologies are definitely an important part of our life but lately we make ourselves so busy and hooked on to technology that we have lost our consciousness. Its like an drug, when u have it u have no idea what the world looks like. I'm glad that lil butterfly made me realize that life without technology can be beautiful too and in the two days of his life span the butterfly made me realize the difference between the real and the reel life. I want to be just like that butterfly who makes everyone smile with its presence  Thanks butterfly for such a lovely day and i agree to the saying "Nature is the best teacher of our life."
cheers !!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Im Back Friends !!

YES I'm Back my friends and followers .. thanks for following, subscribing and watching my space.
 I simply love your mails and tweets .... I'm soon gonna update my blog, so wait and watch .. LOVE !!                 xoxox