Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Butterfly Effects

Pages from my diary.

The Butterfly Effect.
- I'm writing after ages, its like starting all over again.
Last night i was busy exploring my new laptop n i will have to blame Skye for my insomniacity. I was hooked on to it. Today I woke up late n i was sleep walking towards my bathroom like a zombie. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I grabbed a granola bar and somehow managed to wear my T' and my denims. I wore my pitched dark wayfarers, which was really important to me coz i wanted to feel that the world is covered in darkness. I was feeling so lathargic to drive that I chose public transportation for a change. The feeling was weird, i felt like i had shots of tequilla and worked in a coal mine the whole night. I left for california (the place i work) n like always my mind cant stop thinking about the TO DO list... to be honest this was the first time that i couldn't recall my schedule n this was the first time i went beeezzzzzzz (just like the buzz sound while you tune your radio manually, before you get your favourite channel). I suddenly realized that i was caught in a bad traffic and my cellphone had no power, so i had no mode of time pass. The pollution and the noise was just an add on for my brain squash. All of a sudden from all that pollution and traffic jam i saw a beautiful lemon yellow colored butterfly. It simply came and sat on my lap. I was amazed to see a beautifully colored life sit on my lap. I suddenly hear someone clapping and going gaga over the simple yet beautiful butterfly. I turned my head towards the sound and i see a baby looking at me n smiling .. the smile and the beautiful butterfly was a moment to capture but unfortunately my phone ditched me ... maybe its a good thing that it did, 'coz at least i could keep this moment photographed in my head for the rest of my life. The smile of the baby and that butterfly were so real and honest, that it made me smile too. After sometime the butterfly flew away, i then remembered my teacher who told us that the butterfly lives just for a day or two n I was like wow !!. Wow, coz if i had my cellphone on or if i was busy fidgeting with my ipod i would have ignored the beautiful butterfly or maybe i would shoo it away. I then realized that Technologies are definitely an important part of our life but lately we make ourselves so busy and hooked on to technology that we have lost our consciousness. Its like an drug, when u have it u have no idea what the world looks like. I'm glad that lil butterfly made me realize that life without technology can be beautiful too and in the two days of his life span the butterfly made me realize the difference between the real and the reel life. I want to be just like that butterfly who makes everyone smile with its presence  Thanks butterfly for such a lovely day and i agree to the saying "Nature is the best teacher of our life."
cheers !!

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Anonymous said...

Hey karan! Came across your blog..u write lovely stuff bt honestly tel me if u follow wht u write! O u als one of those bloggers who jus write n post stuff widout meaning it!