Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What men should have in their Closet (my suggestion)

Ive come across so many sites where they just keep talking about the important things that a women should have in her closet. I have never seen anyone talking about what a man should have in his closet.
So here i am to share the basic and few important things that i think we men should have in our closet.

Boxer Briefs
  • The First and the most important thing that we men should have in our closet is a clean branded underwear. The important colours that you need to have is White and Grey. Now I know that you must be thinking why Grey &; Why not Black?? its çoz Grey merges in all the colors n You wouldn't want your pitch black underwear to be visible from your see through trousers, rgt ?. I think from my survey, majority of the girls usually don't like to see guys underwear. Make sure you find the perfect size and the right type of underwear for yourself and if you're not aware about the types, then PLEASE don't hesitate to ask questions to the sales person. Its very important to know your type of underwear than rather making a fool out of yourself when your stripping all alone with your partner. (imagine your obese and you are wearing a g-string type of underwear it would be so Yucky). I often prefer the comfortable classic plain underwear or the Boxer briefs or just Boxers.

  • The Second most important thing that we men require in our closet is a good, clean pair of Black and Grey Socks.Yup, no White coz I usually don't prefer White socks. I think they are too stark, loud and catchy. I feel whenever i wear a white socks it screams "yeah look at my feet, I'm wearing SOCKS". Ensure the socks are plain in colour and make sure it shouldn't have any stars, stripes, checks or animal prints.. etc... and please no ankle length socks, they make us look shitty. If you must have read my recent tweets, Ive written allot about how socks could reveal your personality.

  • A Basic white and black coloured tshirt is also what we men require in our closet so that we can mix and match and wear it in different styles. You can get these tshirts from any of the brands that makes undergarments for men. It comes in different types, so make sure you choose the one that you're comfortable in. As far as what i know you get a round collared, V-neck, a deep v-neck or maybe full sleeves or half sleeves t-shirt. They usually say that Skinny Men should avoid V-neck tshirts coz it makes them look feminine, but i think its all bullshit coz at the end of the day ATTITUDE and COMFORT is what matters. Girls usually love Metro sexual, fashionable men. So to all the Skinny Men who are afraid to try their hands on V-Neck or Deep V-neck tshirts i just have one suggestion wear your V-necks on a Jacket (leather jacket preferably) and just be carefree and confident. Bulky men with large stomach and flab'd could team up their tshirts with a loose plain unbuttoned shirt and dont be afraid to sport some accessories coz after all Fashion is all about Trial and Errors.

  • Now the most common fashion tips that every Celebrity and fashion designer would suggest would be a good clean plain stark white shirt and a pitch black shirt. I totally agree with them, its really important to have it coz it works on both formal and casual occasions. Even a Chinese collared shirt looks awesome. I wouldn't talk much about this but i would simply suggest that keep your Stark white shirt simple and try n accessories on your pitch black shirt and I'm not referring to Diamond Rings and chunky blings blings unless your a Hip Hop Mogul or a famous Rapper. Even a checked shirt is a must have.

  • Trousers often depends on Ur comfort level. You can try anything from Skinny, baggy, cargoes, combat, straight, shorts etc. My suggestion would be that try and get a good quality trouser coz ones in a while you can compromise on Ur tshirt or Ur shirt but u shouldn't compromise on your trousers. Make sure Ur trousers are not super tight which displays Ur butt crack and crotch. Trousers needs to be well fitted even if its a harem or a jodhpuri and please say NO to leather pants. I would suggest u to have a pair of beige khakis, Blue and Black denims (please no boot cuts), Black and Grey Formal trousers and couple of colourful shorts ... 

  • Its time for the most important men accessory. Its definitely the shoes. They say that "Shoes speaks a man's personality", i totally agree to the saying. A clean, well polished shoes really enhances you whole attire. Don't over exaggerate your shoe collection with yellow's and red's. I don't mean to say that its bad to have a bold colored shoes coz I've couple of them, but you need to be careful on what you wear them with or you might end up looking like a waltz Disney cartoon. There is also a vast difference between a sports, club wear and formal shoes, make sure you don't mix them. Ive seen people wearing canvas shoes on tuxedos, Loafers on formal trousers, Formal shoes on Denims.... These are a complete NO. NO. For basics try and Get a good pair of white, black and brown shoes, its a must have. A clean, well polished Shoes will really add the extra spark on your profile and confidence. My suggestion would be the almond shaped formal shoes, they look kick ass and yeah make sure the shoes have laces.

  • The other things we men should have in our closet is a Black & White colored Blazer, Waist coats (preferably in Black, Dark Blue and Grey), Tuxedo, Semi-formal Watch, Short Kurta, Jackets, Bow, A black and a white pair of Skinny ties, Scarf, Shades aka sunglasses, A Cap, Brown and Black belt, Perfumes and deodorants, Wallet with money, and the most important thing is CONDO M's .... Carry it wherever you go coz safety comes first. :)

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I like what you have written and i think evey guy sud start using you tips...goooddddddddddddd and yes i liked your style..specially the pic where you r wearing green shirt and brown jacket...nice one,
All the best on your next artical.I would wounder on what it could be?

Will be waiting for the nice one.Keeep Writing :)