Monday, April 30, 2012

Women THEN, NOW AND AFTER (Doodle Art)

Yet another doodle art that i made. This was inspired by the latest internationally famous style icons like Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Kelis, Christina Aguilera etc... These style icon are one of the most influential celebrities of the youth. I know for sure that girls love fashion and they often follow their style icons. What if one of the style icons turn out to be a lady gaga or a kelis etc..  Can you Imagine what would we (Men) see in our future. We would have to carry medical kit everywhere we go. :P

Facebook Cover Photos That i made

Few Cover Photos that made for my Facebook account. Hit Like if u like it :p


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vicky Donor Movie Review

Last night i went to watch a Bollywood comedy film called VICKY DONOR.... The movie is directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by actor John Abraham. The film stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam and Annu Kapoor. The movie is based on the concept of sperm donation and infertility and it has been declared a hit everywhere.

Like always I recently tweeted my short #MovieReview on Vicky Donor n i rated it an ordinary 3/5 with a short comment which said "some parts of the movie were illogical". Since then my Twitter DM's, RT's, Facebook Mails & My mailbox is jammed with questions; asking me what was the illogical part in the movie that i didn't like. So here i am again to share my complete movie review on Vicky Donor.

Firstly i never said the movie was Bad, Infact i was laughing alot. I also loved the acting of all the cast in the movie. I think the topic of sperm donation is considered really bold in India, but the excellent plot of the movie made it funny n entertaining to watch. Overall i think Vicky Donor was a really funny & ; thoroughly an entertaining movie but yes it did have many glitches which made me think that the movie was illogical.

  1.  The strong street Punjabi accent was difficult to understand.. words like CHAP for CHEAP etc.
  2. Vicky (the name of the lead actor) was jobless and had no aim or ambition in his life and still the Doctor (Annu Kapoor) wanted to use his semen in order to get a perfect healthy child. It was such a contradiction of what the doctor previously mentioned in the movie that before the insemination the parents or his high profile clients would do a thorough background check of the sperm donor. Just think about it, would you want your wife to get impregnated by a random persons semen? or would you want a sperm donor to be Good Looking, Educated, Career oriented, Intelligent and free from all diseases?

                Again i shall repeat that i really enjoyed the movie n it wasn't bad at all but somewhere i personally found it a little stupid.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Doodle Art (first big announcement)

 I think its time to break one of the big announcements and the announcement is that 'Ive finally decided to post my doodle art on my blog.' Hope this column gets a major thumbs up .... I'm Crossing my fingers ... 
Now wait for the other announcements.

Lemme formally cut the ribbons and share the first Doodle art to you... ;)


This is how i feel when im in an uncomfortable zone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The best offer for their ultra privilidged n valued customer

Ahh thank you Aircel ... i mean What would i do without you. Thanks for such an exciting message which says 'free tickets for the movie TEZZ at Gaiety' ... Im sure this is the next oscar wining movie and Gaiety is like the cherry on top (the best theater ever) :/. Thank you for making me jump off my bed and say "YEAH i got the power" :/ keep sending me more of these superbly exciting messages. :\

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yet again i captured a REAL GHOST

I remember this day....... I had visited Rajasthan, India in the month of December 2011. During our sight seeing We went to this really old palace where they had preserved few really old artifacts. One of those artifacts included an amazingly beautiful, 300 year old vanity mirror. The vanity mirror had a beautiful dragon border. My chey chey wanted me to click a pic of her, while her reflection falls on the mirror. As the day ended, i returned to my suite. While sipping on chinen blanc, I was browsing through the pics we clicked and then i realized that the mirror had some abstract fella .. i zoomed in and i saw that i had accidentally captured something unusual.. YET AGAIN.. yup, i captured a real ghost.

Note: the pics are in its original format. Ive just cropped the pic :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Day after Weekends

After every weekends, when i come back to work i see my work station like this .... :p

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nerdinators Masterpiece

Finally the blank is filled .. The official Com Con Nerdinators Masterpiece is here :)

Just for Laugh (My Originals)

I'm back with few more of my original LOL pics .. enjoy :p
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I love this formula :p

Do you agree ?

The best feeback form ever

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cruel Intentions of the Minors in a Murder case in Mumbai

I'm in a deep shock after what i read and heard about a murder that happened just few miles away from my residence. Every ones talking about 19 year old Ansh's murder which shockingly were done by 30 boys from the same college and few were minors..........Yes, you read it right, few of the murderer's were M.I.N.O.R.S.
Mumbai is counted to be one of the worlds most expensive cities and also a city filled with united people (i remember the 26/7 flood) but now I think its just a saying. After what I've been listening and reading in the newspapers, i think i have changed my mind completely. People often had an excuse of blaming the poor, uneducated people from the slums to be murderer's, robbers and goons but i think the mindset of these people will soon change 'coz lately Kids from a Wealthy, Educated families are brutally murdering their own friends just for a girl n believe me its the most STUPID reason for a murder ever !!
If we have to blame someone it should be the education system, the kids upbringing, wrong influence of peers, television shows and Internet. I also blame the government for all this stupidity and negligence. Instead of concentrating on road widening and making flyovers they need to first build a perfect harmony between every citizens (its a big serious concept to discuss) ... Bullying has always been a part of every child's life but no one has ever taken the initiative to find a resolution yet. Until we find no resolution there would be more of these cases happening. At the end of the day as what we city people say is that "Life goes on"... The soul of poor ansh will soon turn into ashes; People will eventually forget about the murder case; Those minors who are arrested will be bailed and will live freely with their parents n I'm sure they will always live in the dark side of the world coz something like this can never be forgotten but the one who will suffer the most is Ansh's family. They will always live with a pain in their heart for not having their poor son ansh around them. I feel their pain coz i know how it feels to not have your loved ones around you.. Its like a nightmare the worst punishment ever. 
I truly wish Ansh and his Family gets complete Justice. I also wish God gives alot of strength and courage to Ansh's brother and his Family members to overcome the pain. R.I.P Ansh, you will always be remembered !!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Eggs

My colleagues are so creatively blessed that they made Easter a fun day.. check what my best friend Benjamin did to make every one smile... i hope he wins this competition :) Good Luck Benny.

When you feel lost {Pages from my diary... }

Pages from my diary.....
                                 Its been ages that i haven't written anything on my diary and the best excuse that i could possibly give is coz 'ive been busy with work' but honestly I've also been sleeping late n that's the reason i wake up late. I tried alot to convince myself to wake  up early but its almost impossible. I sleep like a dog coz even d smallest whisper or a minimal sound can wake me up but I'm sure I'm not an insomniac.
                               Lately I've realized that I've become stone hearted and cold. My feelings are slowly disappearing and i feel like I'm drugged the whole day followed with sleeplessness, bad dreams and irritation. I have no clue on how to improvise my ill habits but I'm sure to figure it out someday. Ive started to travel often in d public transport coz i feel its dangerous to drive when Ur irritated. Whenever i feel lethargic, irritated and drugged, the best cure i could find in is my ipod and my new beats by dr dre headphones. music definitely is the best medicine to all my problems and It works like a magic. My emotions are remote controlled with every song i listen too.
                                Whenever i feel that i cant feel anything or if I'm not myself anymore and my mind needs to be rebooted; its when i prefer to stay alone. I go to the restaurant all by myself or Shop all by myself n If I'm home i just lie down on my bed and close my eyes with both my palms on my eyes and i just disappear in a world of fantasy ... i customize my own dream world and believe me it works magic. I hate to have negativity around me coz it just makes me feel uncomfortable. I even day dream alot and that keeps me motivated. I'm sure god has some beautiful things stored for me and for everyone else in this dangerously beautiful world, till then i shall be patient and watch how my beautiful life will turn into my fantasy dreamland.
                                   We all live in hopes and so do i.
                                                                                          -------------- Karan Upadhhya

The Quote Of The Day

The Quote of the Day:

" ~ You Cant always be LUCKY by just Rolling the dice. The day I get my dice back, I'm sure to  burn you down with your LIES in the Hot Burning fire. I won't think twice #frommyheart !!!

                               ---------- Karan Upadhya.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Royal Rajasthan (India) "The Art Lovers Paradise"

My Trip to Rajasthan in India was the highlights of the Year 2011 ... The best time to visit The beautiful Royal Rajasthan is during October - January ..... Its definitely a must see place before you die. I was all excited to see the amazing forts, castles, museums, traditional culture and the shopping paradise and Now i know why Every international celebrities and entrepreneur's are visiting this magnificent city. For ART lovers like me Rajasthan is definitely a energy booster. These HQ pics were long due .. So enjoy :)

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

Ajmer fort


nope, thats not the great wall of chine :p

marble carvings

son de lumier show

paints all made from vegetable dye