Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When you feel lost {Pages from my diary... }

Pages from my diary.....
                                 Its been ages that i haven't written anything on my diary and the best excuse that i could possibly give is coz 'ive been busy with work' but honestly I've also been sleeping late n that's the reason i wake up late. I tried alot to convince myself to wake  up early but its almost impossible. I sleep like a dog coz even d smallest whisper or a minimal sound can wake me up but I'm sure I'm not an insomniac.
                               Lately I've realized that I've become stone hearted and cold. My feelings are slowly disappearing and i feel like I'm drugged the whole day followed with sleeplessness, bad dreams and irritation. I have no clue on how to improvise my ill habits but I'm sure to figure it out someday. Ive started to travel often in d public transport coz i feel its dangerous to drive when Ur irritated. Whenever i feel lethargic, irritated and drugged, the best cure i could find in is my ipod and my new beats by dr dre headphones. music definitely is the best medicine to all my problems and It works like a magic. My emotions are remote controlled with every song i listen too.
                                Whenever i feel that i cant feel anything or if I'm not myself anymore and my mind needs to be rebooted; its when i prefer to stay alone. I go to the restaurant all by myself or Shop all by myself n If I'm home i just lie down on my bed and close my eyes with both my palms on my eyes and i just disappear in a world of fantasy ... i customize my own dream world and believe me it works magic. I hate to have negativity around me coz it just makes me feel uncomfortable. I even day dream alot and that keeps me motivated. I'm sure god has some beautiful things stored for me and for everyone else in this dangerously beautiful world, till then i shall be patient and watch how my beautiful life will turn into my fantasy dreamland.
                                   We all live in hopes and so do i.
                                                                                          -------------- Karan Upadhhya

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