Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yet again i captured a REAL GHOST

I remember this day....... I had visited Rajasthan, India in the month of December 2011. During our sight seeing We went to this really old palace where they had preserved few really old artifacts. One of those artifacts included an amazingly beautiful, 300 year old vanity mirror. The vanity mirror had a beautiful dragon border. My chey chey wanted me to click a pic of her, while her reflection falls on the mirror. As the day ended, i returned to my suite. While sipping on chinen blanc, I was browsing through the pics we clicked and then i realized that the mirror had some abstract fella .. i zoomed in and i saw that i had accidentally captured something unusual.. YET AGAIN.. yup, i captured a real ghost.

Note: the pics are in its original format. Ive just cropped the pic :)

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