Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Mama

---- Pages from my diary...

Mama you gave me life, you gave me strength and you've always guided me to do the right things and to choose the right path. Even when you were angry you still loved me and u cared for me. Whenever i lost my faith, you were the one to find it and showed me the way i should carry on. Mama You are the reason I'm here today. You kept me safe and protected me with all your love. Without you, i would've never survived. I would never place anyone above you. Whenever i press rewind and watch my footsteps from who i was and who i am now, The only one i would like to thank in my life is you. I remember when i said to myself that i was never gonna make it, you told me that its yours and motivated me to get it. I'm lucky and blessed to be raised by a woman so strong and beautiful. I will never let go to everything that we share And nothing can be compared to the fun that we had. Mama You mean so much to me. You're like my perfect IDOL. I'm so thankful that you're in my life and i appreciate your love and all your sacrifice. I love your smile and i know that even if u love chey chey, mai mai or Ur hot favourite pet Myles ..i know u still love me more than any one ....:)
I thank you mama always and forever & HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
& love u grandma.

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