Thursday, July 12, 2012

Album Review: Believe by Justin Bieber

Its been ages that i haven't written anything about music, so here i am, back again sharing my reviews on each albums ....
Ive been reading alot of your mails; requesting me to write a review on the new Justin Bieber's album called 'Believe'. So its time to complete your request.

The year 2012 seems to be musical coz many artists have released their albums, including the most criticised singer/artist Justin Bieber. This lil kid has an unbelievable fan following, Weather its the Bieber haters or the Bieber lovers who really cares. I have never really listened to any bieber songs ever besides his first single which goes like.. Baby , Baby, Baby .... blaahhh.. That song was like an epidemic and i think that song was stuck in my head coz of passive listening... Yup, it was played everywhere ., Radios, Malls, VH1, dance shows, singing competition .. almost everywhere.. Anyway I'm not here to talk about Justin's first single or his career but before i begin the reviews, lemme take the initiative to congratulate this overly famous superstar kid for making it so big in the music industry and in such an young age. Justin is now on the covers of Forbes magazine as one of the most influential entertainer which includes the powerful biggies like J.LO, Oprah and Lady Gaga... so Bravo Justin !!! Hope this fame shit doesn't get you hallucinated ..... so Don't forget about your studies coz that more important.

Anyway I'm not a bieber fan or a Bieber hater. I simply think that this kid is superbly lucky and his parents have a lot of bucks and influence coz Usher was the one brought bieber into the entertainment industry, But I'm sure usher is now banging his head on the wall as bieber is way much famous than him. :P...

Justin Bieber 's new album Believe (deluxe edition) is said to be swag and mature but i think its fly ..Lemme come to the point. His album is boring... I got bored as i reached the track no.3 .... His most anticipated song called Boyfriend has some amazing beats but the vocals and video destroyed the entire music. Justin sounds like the cute-pop-boyband-gone-solo, there is nothing swagga about it. The only songs that are worth listening in his new album are: Boyfriend, She don't like the lights and Maria ....
Don't waste your time and money buying this crappy album, unless your demented, crazy bieber fan or a review writer like me...... Ive reached track no.5 and i think I'm gonna go to sleep in Disney land. I know for a fact that Justin Bieber is here in the music industry for some more years and then he will fade away as he will be dealing with all the controversies. Apparently Maria is a controversial song where he talks about maria (obviously) - the gal who accused Justin on the national television by saying that "she had sex with bieber during his world tour and she is now pregnant with his kid." So Therefore the powerful Justin Bieber took a revenge and sang a song called maria.  Its So Fucking kiddy :/

Finally I rate Justin Bieber's new album Believe a 2/5 ...I dont believe in Believe. :p 

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