Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday Karan Upadhya ;)

Pages from my diary...........
Its been ages that i haven't written anything on my blog and as i promised, Ive finally posted my birthday party pictures.
  My birthday like always was a week long which included Family, Important friends and others... This years birthday was really special to me, coz it was full of surprises. Like always i love spending my birthday with my family and people who are really close to me .. The shocking part of my entire birthday was the number of years that I've completed on this planet earth.
Like everyone else, the first question after the birthday wishes was ........
How old are you now? and i was like Ummmhh ,aahhhh
"does it really matter".
I didn't realise the fact that i had turned 25 and this was my official 25th Birthday... I then went inside the restroom and took a deep breathe. I looked into the mirror and said to myself "Oh mahn, I've completed a quarter of my life; Ive completed half way through my 20s. Happy Birthday Karan n congratulations,
you are officially Old"
It was an amazing feeling..
If i had to roll the credits, the only name you would see rolling is my dearest friend, Rashmi. 
I owe her the biggest thank you ever ... even after all the circumstances and situations she was in, she still ensured that this birthday would be the best ever.
Thank You RUSH.... You're the best.
My birthday began from a family get together - a la grand party at The Vits Ecotel Hotel (swimming pool area) - Hospital (Rush's mom wasn't well) - finally Pop Tate's.
I also wanna thank my Mum, Sisters, Granny, Aunt, Baby cousin Kimberlyn,
And my Best friends Tejas and Shaf.. Thanks for the best birthday ever...:)) 
                                                                                                     P.S.: and then i was DRUNK... :)



Friday, August 17, 2012

My Movie Review: Step Up Revolution

Alright, Unlike the first three Step up movies, which was produced by Touchstone Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, this film is the first to be produced and distributed by Summit Entertainment without Touchstone's involvement. Yup its the famous Summit Entertainment who also produced the world famous 'Twilight series'. This time Summit Entertainment and the director of the movie: Scott Speer are back again with their super-hot movie called The Step Up 4 aka The step up 4: Miami heat or aka The step up Revolution....( "who really cares about the name anyway". ) This movie stars the temperature soaring, hot couple Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman.  Kathryn McCormick was also a participant from the famous sitcom series called 'So you think you can dance'. Besides the h.o.t couple this movie is all about Dance, Music, Love, Dance and did i forget to mention D.A.N.C.E :p .....
          This movie has a predictable story line but as we all know this movie is all about music and dance, so why the heck would you even criticise about the Family oriented, Romantic story line.. (which i don't think is all that bad) .... People also criticised the movie just because moose the loose wasn't given enough time to perform, which i totally disagree... I mean Moose is good but i prefer variety and that's what Step Up revolution gave me, Each and every mob that was performed in the movie was literally eye popping ... I also love each and every songs that was selected for this movie, from Jennifer Lopez, Flo-rida, M.I.A, Timbaland, Travis Porter, edIT, The Glitch Mob and Far east movement .... it was simply perfect. To keep the review short I just have two words for this movie "Fucking Awesome" ...

             I just want to tell all my readers that this movie is light and takes you away from all your hectic schedules of the day and for me this is definitely a must watch movie in the theaters, especially in 3D...

             In fact Today was the third time that i saw this movie and I'm still not disappointed, even though I'm not a real good dancer :p... This movie motivates me to learn dancing and also makes me go to the gym more often ... .. My Movie reviews is definitely a 4/5.

Jump below for the complete soundtrack of the movie ...Even the ones which has not featured in the official soundtrack....

01 Let's Go (feat. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes & Lil Jon) [Ricky Luna Remix] - Travis Barker
02 Live My Life (feat. Justin Bieber & Redfoo) [Party Rock Remix] - Far East Movement
03 Hands In the Air (feat. Ne-Yo) - Timbaland
04 Bad Girls (Nick Thayer Remix) - M.I.A.
05 Get Loose - Sohanny And Vein
06 Feel Alive (feat. Pitbull & DJ Poet) [Revolution Remix] - Fergie
07 U Don't Like Me (feat. Lil Jon) [Datsik Remix] - Diplo
08 This Is the Life - My Name Is Kay
09 Bring It Back - Travis Porter
10 Goin' In (feat. Flo Rida) - Jennifer Lopez
11 Dance Without You (Ricky Luna Remix) - Skylar Grey
12 I Don't Like You (Nick Thayer Remix) - Eva Simons
13 To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

Not featured in the Soundtrack....

14 "Undone" by Haley Reinhart.
15 "Words" by Skylar Grey
16 "Buyou feat. J Cole" by Keri Hilson
17 "Dancing" by Elisa
18 "Monday" (Glitch Mob Remix) by Nalepa
19 "Prituri Se Planinata" (NiT GriT Remix) by Stellamara (art dance)
20 "Wait" by M83
21 "Pyramid Song" (Zed's Dead Illuminati Remix) by Radiohead
22 "Hear Me Coming" by Yung Joc
23 "Ants" by edIT
24 "If You Crump Stand Up" by edIT 
25 "Let It Roll" by Flo Rida
26 "Aquarium" by Nosaj Thing
27 "Fortune days" by The Glitch Mob.

Please support the artist and download legally !  **

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Find the people who left this Great Dane to die

I read this article few days ago and it gave me the jitters.... I mean how could someone be so Inhuman and heartless ..... You must read it.

Drive into Powai and you can't miss posters of an ailing dog with every single rib visible. Look closely and you will realise it is a Great Dane - a breed known for its regal appearance, dignity, strength and elegance with grand size and a wellformed body.

The volunteers have already stuck the posters across Powai and are now moving on to other spots in the city, especially outside vet clinics. The posters make only one appeal: "Help us identify the brutal owners who left him to die on the highway and punish them."

On Wednesday morning Ganesh Nayak, an animal activist got a call from a woman who saved the dog from getting under the tyre of car on the Eastern Express Highway. “She took the dog and tied it near the Godrej complex in Ghatkopar till we reached. The dog was in such a bad state that we had to get him treated immediately," said Nayak. Parul Swali and Brijesh Raj, the veterinarians who treated the dog, said he has pneumonia, a swelling in the heart and a kidney failure - possibly why the owners abandoned him. The activists added that the dog must have been starving for at least eight days.

In the meanwhile, the Facebook page of Animals Matter To Me Mumbai, the NGO of which Nayak is a member, received at least 100 hits by outraged Netizens. Responding to appeals on the social networking site, animal lovers actually ensured some food reached the dog.

"The only problem is the dog is not able to eat anything right now. What we need is medical and financial aid," said 30-year-old Mili Gandhi, a volunteer, who's taking care of the dog in her Churchgate house for now. And of course a new home for the old Great Dane.

However, though help is pouring in for the dog, what his saviours want is that his owners are booked for abandoning him.

"Such cases are increasing. People buy pedigree dogs as status symbol but leave them to die on the streets when they grow old,” said Nayak.

by Alka.Shukla

If you know this dog and its owners, or want to help, contact Ganesh Nayak at 9819380310 or send him a mail at

Friday, August 10, 2012

Monsoon Fashion Tips

Finally the summer is over and As you know the monsoons are here. We all know that fashion is all about attitude and comfort but at the same time We dont want to look messy and shitty during this beautiful weather. 
Lately im hooked on to tank tops, chinese collared cotton shirt, crew neck tshirts and undershirts .... These stuff looks simple, clean, easy to wear, convinient to dry and its light weight... You can team it with Denims, Shorts, Khakis And Waterproof jackets.

Make sure you dont have excess hair all over your body when you wear your tank tops and dont feel shy to experiment with colors.

Tank Tops and Undershirt.


Crew Neck Tshirts


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artist on a rise on my Most played playlist - Cedric Gervais

FUCKING AWESOME !!! ....This is what i call the real party anthem...

        Came across this new artist called Cedric Gervais from the newest DJ Tiësto 's playlist. Tiesto's brand new album called The Club Life 279 is awesome and Cedric's newest single Cedaine is definitely a massive club hit ....
He also played at the Ultra Music Festival ... wish i could put my vocals in this song.

For #electro #techno #house lovers like me :)

My Simple Fitness Tips

Hey readers as you know, im not much of a fitness freak or a gym addict and im not much of  a fitness follower too but In our busy city life, we often wish to look like the fitness magazine cover models, because as we all know that 22nd century lifestyle is all about good looks and fashion. We now live in a life full of advertisments, marketing and mass production of beauty products. Ive also seen that lately people often talk about health and grooming tricks and they can go to any limits in order to achieve that picture perfect looks. Nyway today im here to share few of my fitness tricks and tips and im sure it will work magic coz its really SIMPLE.

- When you wake up in the morning make sure you gently rub your face with ice cubes. This helps you to get that shit out of your pores and also helps you to reduce dark circles.

- Wash your face atleast three times during the day.

- Drink atleast two liters of water.

- In a Day Eat One Apple, One Orange or Strawberries or Kiwis, One Banana, Grapes and Pineapple. "Lots of Pineaaple"...

- In a Day Eat Carrots, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange Peppers and eat all the green leafy vegetables (Spinach / Kale preferably) ... "vegetable juice is also helpful "...

- Keep a Vaseline petroleum for your lips because girls love men with soft lips.

- To get rid of Besmish/ Spots use Liquid Chemical free Soap.... (Biotech or Himalaya products) or just dab the soap cake.

- Never Let your Eyebrows Join.

- You must've heard this alot from every model and celebrities ... "8 hours sleep is a must"...

- Make sure you sleep on your back and not on your somache.

- Befpre you sleep wash your face and put the mildest baby oil (Johnson n Johnsons baby oil) on your damp face. This will give you soft skin in the morning ....

- The most important thing is to keep smiling and think positive ...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Quote of the day

The Quote of the day :

"Good thing äbout writer is that, Writers when alone are 'pathetic' , writers when in group are  'pathetic'. They live within themselves and I'm a writer"
                                                    -------------- Karan Upadhya.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Day

Happy Raksha Bandhan Day to all. Hope you had a good time together :))

The versus of THE ROSE

I was someone who always saw the glass half empty and when the sun rose, that it only gets dark again... I saw obstacles and not possibilities. But now I've learnt my lesson and i want to tell my readers, especially the ones who has stopped believing in love and feel cut off and feel like giving up... It is for you that i want to share the versus of 'THE ROSE'
"When the nights have been to lonely and the road has been too long.
When you think that the kive is only for the lucky and the strong.
Just remember, in the winter,
far beneath the bitter snow, lies the sea that with the sins love in the spring,
Becomes THE ROSE."

Keep reading it till you fall in love with me :))