Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Find the people who left this Great Dane to die

I read this article few days ago and it gave me the jitters.... I mean how could someone be so Inhuman and heartless ..... You must read it.

Drive into Powai and you can't miss posters of an ailing dog with every single rib visible. Look closely and you will realise it is a Great Dane - a breed known for its regal appearance, dignity, strength and elegance with grand size and a wellformed body.

The volunteers have already stuck the posters across Powai and are now moving on to other spots in the city, especially outside vet clinics. The posters make only one appeal: "Help us identify the brutal owners who left him to die on the highway and punish them."

On Wednesday morning Ganesh Nayak, an animal activist got a call from a woman who saved the dog from getting under the tyre of car on the Eastern Express Highway. “She took the dog and tied it near the Godrej complex in Ghatkopar till we reached. The dog was in such a bad state that we had to get him treated immediately," said Nayak. Parul Swali and Brijesh Raj, the veterinarians who treated the dog, said he has pneumonia, a swelling in the heart and a kidney failure - possibly why the owners abandoned him. The activists added that the dog must have been starving for at least eight days.

In the meanwhile, the Facebook page of Animals Matter To Me Mumbai, the NGO of which Nayak is a member, received at least 100 hits by outraged Netizens. Responding to appeals on the social networking site, animal lovers actually ensured some food reached the dog.

"The only problem is the dog is not able to eat anything right now. What we need is medical and financial aid," said 30-year-old Mili Gandhi, a volunteer, who's taking care of the dog in her Churchgate house for now. And of course a new home for the old Great Dane.

However, though help is pouring in for the dog, what his saviours want is that his owners are booked for abandoning him.

"Such cases are increasing. People buy pedigree dogs as status symbol but leave them to die on the streets when they grow old,” said Nayak.

by Alka.Shukla @timesgroup.com...

If you know this dog and its owners, or want to help, contact Ganesh Nayak at 9819380310 or send him a mail at animalsmattertome2010@rocketmail.com

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