Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday Karan Upadhya ;)

Pages from my diary...........
Its been ages that i haven't written anything on my blog and as i promised, Ive finally posted my birthday party pictures.
  My birthday like always was a week long which included Family, Important friends and others... This years birthday was really special to me, coz it was full of surprises. Like always i love spending my birthday with my family and people who are really close to me .. The shocking part of my entire birthday was the number of years that I've completed on this planet earth.
Like everyone else, the first question after the birthday wishes was ........
How old are you now? and i was like Ummmhh ,aahhhh
"does it really matter".
I didn't realise the fact that i had turned 25 and this was my official 25th Birthday... I then went inside the restroom and took a deep breathe. I looked into the mirror and said to myself "Oh mahn, I've completed a quarter of my life; Ive completed half way through my 20s. Happy Birthday Karan n congratulations,
you are officially Old"
It was an amazing feeling..
If i had to roll the credits, the only name you would see rolling is my dearest friend, Rashmi. 
I owe her the biggest thank you ever ... even after all the circumstances and situations she was in, she still ensured that this birthday would be the best ever.
Thank You RUSH.... You're the best.
My birthday began from a family get together - a la grand party at The Vits Ecotel Hotel (swimming pool area) - Hospital (Rush's mom wasn't well) - finally Pop Tate's.
I also wanna thank my Mum, Sisters, Granny, Aunt, Baby cousin Kimberlyn,
And my Best friends Tejas and Shaf.. Thanks for the best birthday ever...:)) 
                                                                                                     P.S.: and then i was DRUNK... :)



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