Thursday, September 20, 2012

Barfi Movie Review

Barfi Muphy !! that's what is stuck in my mind .. Yup i saw the movie today at Fame and im totally speechless.... I wanna congratulate Anurag Basu and the cast and crew for an amazing award winning movie. Firstly, I wanna hug Anurag Basu for making the perfect movie for the audience who thinks that, movies based on Handicap people are usually emotional and boring coz they often make you feel like " i wish they were not blind or i wish they could speak etc etc"... You proved all of them wrong, coz you made everyone believe that True Love exists and it doesn't matter if you are handicap or autistic. Even when we live in a society of one night stands and live in relationships, You made the perfect  "Love is Blind" movie by just actions and no words ... You made me feel like i was a part of the movie and that is the biggest compliment i could ever give a director. This movie made me believe that there are directors in bollywood who has the potential to make mature movies and not the shitty masala comedy nonsense. I think Barfi would be the best slap on the face movie for those directors who make shitty, waste of money and time movies and also a big slap to those directors who take audiences and movie goers for granted. I also want to hug the Cinematographer for capturing the perfect emotions and feelings of the cast and crew. Infact Each frame of the movie was artistically woven.
I totally loved the Cast and Crew of the movie. Everyone did a splendid job. Kudos to each and everyone of them. Whenever someone asked me for my favourite bollywood actor, i would just laugh out loud or dodge the question but now i wont, coz for the first time ever i can proudly say that Ranbir Kapoor is my favourite bollywood actor. He has definitely taken the no.1 and the only spot on my Favourite bollywood actors list. I'm sure Barfi will be the most talked about movie for the year 2012 and lemme congratulate all of them in advance coz I'm sure they will win all the upcoming awards.
Readers Its definitely a must watch movie

My movie rating is 4.5/5 .....  and don't worry be BARFI ! :)


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