Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Alright i have had alot of blunders but 3 blunders in 2 days .. Thats too much... read more to know what im talking about :p

Manufacturing dates of Kelloggs Cornflakes Honey was Aug 12 and Kelloggs Cornflakes Honey with almond was June 12 ...
Went to the cash counter with the box of kelloggs cornflakes honey thinking it was kelloggs cornflakes honey with almond. (Mahn, the packets were almost identical)
The guy on the counter swipes the box and says RS 99 only
I was all smiles coz the box with the manufacturing date of JUNE 12 was RS 140.
I happily drove back home coz i wanted to tell mom that i had got a great deal and now im a pro at grocery shopping.
Then i opened the box, poured the flakes on a bowl and said "Mom theres something wrong with this cornflakes, i mean there is no almond flakes at all"
I then looked at the box and i realised it was the Kelloggs cornflakes honey and not kelloggs cornflakes with almond ...
I felt like slapping myself for the #awkwardmoment
N no wonder there was a price difference :/


I thought the minimum autorickshaw fare was Rs 11 ... No wonder the autowala was on fire when I argued with him for cheating his customers ... He finally gave me back my money and i then realised the exact minimum fare was Rs 12 #Awkwardmoment :/ << Can i blame my car for this one :p


Visualise This: Went to the MTNL office and gave her the money and the bill. The lady on d counter looks at me twice and gives me back my bill n loudly says " Sir its the electricity bill " #awkwardmoment :/

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