Friday, March 6, 2015

Reality check: #IndiasDaughter #BBCdocumentary

I'm emotionally disturbed with BBCs latest documentary #Indiasdaughter , the only graphic content in the whole documentary were the lawyers.   The two words that best describe these low life lawyers are Mysogynistic assholes. I have immense respect for the victims parents for their courage and strength to speak about the whole event. I just couldn't stop my tears whenever they showed the victims mother, god shouldn't let any Mother or family go through such an un curable pain in their life. God bless the family and give them strength to recover from such a heavy loss. I feel that Indian government are in a mood to ban everything in india and I think they should stop wasting their time banning this documentary and should punish the monsters ASAP. Indian government should invest their power and time to educate the people and try to change the uncivilised mentality against women rights, they should also give the women the freedom they require and protect them with tougher laws against abuse. When will the world realise that Women are not born just to cook and clean but in reality they are as equally strong as men, they are the one who created this world by absorbing the pain while giving birth to a baby and if given a choice, they are also equally strong to raise a child without a man. Thank you BBC and RIP Jyoti... I'm sure even heaven cried when you lost your fight against the monsters on earth. 

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